The Cabeca Veada is a light beige / whitish coloured limestone, with uniform background and medium hardness. It presents a brown coloured grain, whose main variations can go from thin to medium. The Cabeca Veada may present some ocasional irregular veinage or shades.

This is considered by many as the most important alternative to the Moleanos limestone, due to its similar appearance and medium hardness.

  • Cabeca Veada Polished Limestone

    Cabeca Veada Limestone

  • Cabeca Veada Polished Slab

    Cabeca Veada Polished Slab

  • Cabeca Veada Cladding

    Cabeca Veada Cladding

  • Cabeca Veada Flooring

    Cabeca Veada Flooring

Extraction Area

The Cabeca Veada limestone is explored around the area of Cabeca Veada – Alcanede, which is located in the Serra D´Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park, region of Santarém. This area is located in the centre of Portugal, about 100 kilometres north of Lisbon.

Cabeca Veada lies in the valley between two of the most important hills where a considerable part of the Portuguese limestones are extracted.